How To Dispose Of Engine Oil

Mike Davies | Thursday, July 28, 2022

Engine oil is extremely toxic and if not disposed of correctly can be very damaging to the environment. Although engine oil is a harmful pollutant, it plays a pivotal part in the functioning of your car. It lubricates all of the moving parts within your engine, as well as cooling and cleaning them. This helps with keeping your car running without issues.

Recycling Old Engine Oil

If the oil you are trying to recycle has been drained from your car it will be contaminated. This makes it far more harmful for the environment than brand new engine oil. Oil that has been within the car's engine for some time will have picked up dirt, other chemicals and heavy metals. These things combined make old engine oil very toxic to the environment and is therefore crucial that it be recycled properly.

Engine oil should never be disposed of on the ground, down a drain or in any form of waterway. It is exceptionally toxic and as an example one drop of oil can pollute up to one millions drops of water, as explained by BC used Oil.

If you are looking to empty the oil from your car yourself, ensure you protect the surface underneath it. This will not only stop any going into the ground, but oil is also especially hard to clean up so could save you some time. Any spills that do occur must be cleared away. Use absorbent materials to soak up the oil such as paper towel, saw dust or cat litter.

Once the oil is safely stored in a clear container, you will need to search online for your local oil bank or oil recycling centre. In a majority of countries, it's actually illegal to dispose of oil in any other way.

recycling old engine oil

Can you put motor oil in the garbage?

No, it's illegal to put toxic chemicals in the garbage as it's environmentally harmful and irresponsible. You will need to recycle your old engine oil, by taking it to a professional recycling centre that will be able to repurpose it to be used for industrial manufacturing.

Ultimately any oil must be disposed of responsibly. When disposing of engine oil, the right precautions must be taken to ensure none of the oil gets into the surrounding environment. Legally it must be taken to your local recycling centre or a local oil bank/exchange to be responsibly recycled.

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