How To Dispose Of Diesel Fuel

Mike Davies | Saturday, July 30, 2022

It is not often that someone will find themselves needing to dispose of diesel fuel. And with the current price of diesel and petrol you will unlikely want to dispose of it. However, sometimes there may be a need and no other option. If you have old containers that have diesel fuel in them, that haven't been looked after, it's possible that that fuel is contaminated. In this instance you most likely will need to look for a way of disposing of it responsibly.

If however your diesel fuel has been stored in a clean container that hasn't been mixed with anything like water or other contaminants. Your best option is to see if anyone would like to purchase it from you, or see if anyone you know needs it.

It is illegal in a lot of countries to dispose of fuel in any way other than recycling it. Not only that, it's extremely bad for the environment if left in landfill as fuel takes thousands of years to break down. Some places may say that you can dispose of a small amount of diesel in land fill, however this is very irresponsible and will cause countless problems for our environment.

How do you dispose of a small amount of diesel?

No matter the amount the fuel, you should always try to use it up rather than look to get rid of it. If the fuel is contaminated in any way, you will legally have to find a local recycling centre that accepts fuels for recycling.

How long can diesel last?

A lot of people believe that fuel can be stored for long periods of time, however this isn't the case. Once you have your fuel in a container it can really only last between six to twelve months. After this time the fuel will become thicker and has a high chance of clogging up your engine's components.

The life span of oil also depends on the conditions it's kept in. If the oil is kept in a hot environment, it could last even less than 6 months. The same applies to if you have not properly sealed the container.

You should always try and take good care of any fuel you have, to not only save if from being wasted and harming the planet but also to save your bank account.

how long can diesel last

How to dispose of contaminated diesel fuel

Diesel needs to be properly recycled and can't be dumped in landfill. Diesel, like most oils and fuels, are highly toxic and harmful to the environment. It therefore is imperative that it's recycled properly.

If your diesel fuel is contaminated and therefore unable to sell or donate it; you will want to find your nearest recycle centre. From there it will be able to be sent off to be refined. When refined the fuel will be boiled to remove all impurities so it can be used. Always make sure you call up and check that your local recycling centre accepts fuel to avoid any unnecessary trips.

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