How To Dispose Of Brake Fluid

Mike Davies | Friday, July 29, 2022

Break fluid is a very integral part of any vehicles brakes system. It ensures the breaks work in helping to transfer the applied pressure of the break peddle to the disc brake itself. If your brake fluid is running low or not in good condition, it can cause issues with the effectiveness of your brakes. It is therefore necessary to change brake fluid often.

In most cases the task of bleeding the brake fluid or adding to it will be done by a professional. These companies will have procedures setup for the responsible disposal of brake fluid. However, you may be capable of doing this yourself. This will lead you into having to create your own process for its responsible disposal.

If you are draining brake fluid, it will almost certainly be contaminated with heavy metals it has picked up along the way. This makes it highly toxic to humans and the environment.

Brake fluid both old and new is alcohol based and extremely flammable. You will need to take care when draining to make sure there is nothing around that could cause it to ignite.

Does brake fluid evaporate on the ground?

On the contrary, brake fluid won't evaporate on the ground but rather be absorbed. The toxicity of old brake fluid makes it harmful to humans, animals and the environment. It is therefore essential to clear up any spills or leaks that make occur, to protect the surrounding environment.

Can brake fluid go down the drain?

Brake fluid should never be poured down the drain, sink or toilet. Pouring these chemicals down the drain adds it into the waterways. This has to be purified at a water treatment facility which is not only a waste but is also harmful and very hard to do. Not only that, it could also leak from pipes into soil or streams effecting the surrounding environment.

can brake fluid go down the drain

How do you recycle brake fluid?

There are multiple solutions for recycling your old or unwanted brake fluid. No matter the amount of brake fluid you are looking to dispose of, you should always make sure to do so responsibly.

Here are some suggestions for things you can do with your brake fluid:

Find a waste recycling centre - There will be recycling centres around you that will accept brake fluid for recycling. They will be able to reuse the brake fluid by mixing it with other chemicals for reuse in other fuels.

Check for local brake fluid collection centres - In some areas there are specific collection centres that specialise in most car fluid including brake fluid, engine oil etc.

Ask local automotive shops - Some local mechanics may be interested in your brake fluid if you have excess amounts.

Brake fluid should be disposed of responsibly with the environment in mind. Used brake fluid is highly toxic to the environment. It is therefore imperative to always make sure you responsibly recycle your automotive fluids.

how do you recycle brake fluid

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