How To Dispose Of Tyres For Free

Luna Aston | Thursday, October 15, 2020

If you're a car owner it's very likely, at some point, you have come across the dilemma of how to dispose of your rubber tires.

And unfortunately, it isn't as easy as just popping them in the bin. But there are some very easy and effective ways to dispose of old tires.

Rubber tires are notoriously bad for the environment and for humans that are around and burning of these tires.

It is illegal to burn tires in almost all countries however this can happen when they are stacked in large quantities and subject to hot weather and or improperly placed near open fires. Tire fires have multiple negative effects on the environment due to the waste products from the burnt tire polluting the air, soil, and water.

Recycling Tires Ideas

There are multiple creative ideas that you can pursue when trying to get rid of your old tires.

For example, there will be many organizations that will happily accept tires such as Zoos, schools, sports clubs, and parks. They can use these tires for things such as swings and activity areas. It would always be best although a little bit of hassle to try and donate these to your community to help support and improve your community.


How do you throw away tires?

When thinking about disposing of your used car tires you will need to dispose of them properly as if you don't in most countries it is considered a crime.

Not all council tips will take rubber tires and if they do they might be charging a fee to take them. It's always best to check your local dumps policies beforehand.

Some car garages will also take your tires off your hands for free, but you will have to call around to try and find one that does, an example of some large branded garages would be Kwik-Fit that does not accept tires, compared to Halfords who will accept the tires for in most cases free.

Some specialist firms will take your rubber tires and dispose of them for you, however, they will come with a charge. In most cases, these companies are the easiest form of disposal as it removes the need to call around and look for a place.


What happens to tires when they are recycled?

For the most part, tires are scrapped and are the source for a fuel known as Tire Derived Fuel, also known as TDF. This fuel can produce more energy than some fossil fuels such as coal with less heavy metal content.

Tires may also be shredded or scrapped for use in things such as outdoor playgrounds, insulation, carpet underlay, running tracks, and in some cases landfill construction. Whole tires can also be used to create products. For example, they will remove the steel from the tire and cut out "stamped products" these can be thinks such as:

  • Shoe Soles
  • Belts
  • Floor Mats


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