How To Dispose Of Spray Paint

Mike Davies | Sunday, November 29, 2020

Aerosol spray paint for many people is very easy to use and due to their fast-drying nature makes it one of the most popular paint. The issue with spray paint is its production of toxic emissions. This should be taken into account when disposing of spray paint.

Donating your spray paint

The only way of disposing of your spray paint is to spray it out onto newspaper pages until nothing is left. This is extremely wasteful and harmful to the environment. If possible attempt to try and find friends or family that could use the spray paint or keep it yourself for a later date.

You can also look for local organizations or facilities that could use spray paint such as schools or youth centers.

how to dispose of aerosol paint cans

How to dispose of aerosol paint cans?

Aerosol paint cans can be disposed of in the regular rubbish bin. However, the paint itself within the paint can is hazardous and toxic to the environment.

If you are unable to donate the spray paint, you will want to ensure all of the paint has been emptied from the can before putting it in the bin. This can be done by spraying the leftover paint onto newspaper pages until there is no paint and there is no longer any pressure in the can you will be able to dispose of the can. Please note that the expenditure of the contents within the can is very harmful to the environment, even with some "non-VOC" products they will cause harm, so it's best for our environment to donate before throwing away.

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