How to dispose of vinegar

Luna Aston / Tue, 26 Jul 2022 15:00 GMT

The humble bottle of vinegar has more uses than most people realise. Usually found in the condiments and seasonings aisle of your local supermarket; most people think only to use vinegar on their chips or as a recipe ingredient. But vinegar, with its high acidity, is a fantastic natural alternative to chemical cleaners. The use of vinegar can be dated back to 3000BC for both cooking and cleaning; but also preserving, as vinegar will not go out of date or mold. With all this in mind the idea of needing to dispose of this versatile liquid seems obsolete.

Its understandable that there may be an instance where you find yourself just needing to get rid of your vinegar. And below we can give you that answer. However if you can use it for another purpose you should always try to do so. Keep reading to find out some of the brilliant ways to use vinegar.

How to dispose of vinegar safely

Vinegar is a very safe liquid and can be easily disposed of. It does however have high acidity which can affect some materials and surfaces. But when disposing you can simply pour it down the drain. If you want to be extra cautious you could also dilute it with water. Or pour it down your sink and run the tap for a few moments. If nothing else, this could give your drains a good clean.


What can you do with vinegar?

You would be amazed by the amount of things you can use vinegar for in and around your home. Here are a few examples:

1. Cooking Use in recipes, add to chips, preserving foods. 2. Cleaning Removing stains, killing mold, polishing, deodorizing. 3. Gardening Killing weeds, adding acidity to soil, keeping out animals. 4. Medical could help soothe and relive sings, sun burn, dandruff, sore throat.

How to clean with vinegar

Vinegar has a plethora of uses when it comes to cleaning. Due to its ingredients and high acidity, it is able to cut through dirt, grease and smells with ease.

This handy video shows 21 amazing ways to clean with vinegar.


Gardening with vinegar

Not only is vinegar useful inside the home, but its use outside is also boundless. As a natural ingredient, its great for replacing a lot of the chemicals we often use in our gardens nowadays.

Heres a useful video with 15 tips on how you can use vinegar in your garden.

Recycle the container

Once you have gotten rid of the vinegar, dont forget to responsibly dispose of its container. Vinegar usually comes in with a plastic or glass bottle. Both of which should be recyclable. Rinse out the container first to remove any excess vinegar residue. Glass can then be placed in your curb side recycling. If the container is plastic, check for the recycle symbol.

In short if you are looking to dispose of vinegar, there are plenty of ways to use it up around your home instead of disposing of it. But if you have to, you can put in down the sink.


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