How To Dispose Of Insulation

Mike Davies | Saturday, December 19, 2020

Insulation can be hard to dispose of, depending on the type of insulation. There is blown-in insulation, it's a filler that is pumped into the wall cavities, it's more of a slush consistency but can full fill all of the gaps within your walls.

Cleaning up Insulation

When you are removing your insulation, and if it's fiberglass-based insulation make sure you keep yourself safe. You will want to cover your skin and wear a face-covering to protect your lungs from inhaling tiny shards of fiberglass.

Make sure to get several large heavy-duty bags that you can dispose of the insulation into. Insulation can come in various thicknesses and if it's blow-in insulation it will be as thick as your walls. With this in mind make sure you have as many bags as you will need.

Once all of the insulation has been bagged up, you can't simply throw this away. You will need to follow the guidelines of your local area. You can give your local waste authority a call or visit their website online if possible. In some cases you may have to pay a fee, however, this fee is a lot lower than the potential fine you will receive for throwing it in the rubbish.


  • Make sure you protect yourself and some insulation can cause harm to your lungs and skin.
  • Collect all your insulation in strong durable bags
  • Contact your local waste authority/council to find out where your insulation can be disposed of.

cleaning up insulation

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