How to dispose of nail varnish

Mike Davies | Saturday, December 5, 2020

If you have had enough of your nail polish colours or realise that the bottles are nearly empty and it is time to throw them out, you should get rid of them creatively. This is because nail varnish contains compounds and chemicals that might affect the environment. Here are some steps you can use to get rid of nail polish.

Donate the almost empty bottles

Look for a donation centre in your area and ask them if they will accept your old nail polish. Your old nail polish might mean a lot to someone who needs them. Therefore, instead of adding them to a landfill, you can give them to someone who cannot afford new ones.

Use them to care for shoelaces and threads

If the threads are fraying and have a nail polish that you no longer use, apply it on the end of the shoelaces to prevent them from unraveling. This will help keep them together. However, be sure to use a thin layer and reapply in case more is needed. If you have clear nail polish, apply it on the end of a sewing thread so that it's easier to put through a needle.

Can you throw out nail polish?

Nail polish might look great on your nails. But throwing them away is not a good idea. This is because they contain harmful chemicals that might degrade the environment. Also, if the bottles are half-empty, they might get hurt if a child finds the polish. Thus, you are not supposed to throw away your nail polish aimlessly.

when should you throw away old nail polish

When should you throw away old nail polish?

Nail polish is always parked in small bottles. There is never the right time to throw away old nail polish. Instead, we strongly suggest you give them to someone who might need them.

If the bottles are entirely empty, before you throw them away, make sure that they are 100% clean. Also, place them wear garbage collectors will find and transport them to places where they can be reused to make other items.


Nail polishes can put your health at risk. When thrown into the trash can, they can leak their toxicity into the soil, thereby making it unproductive. The chemicals might also find their way to the groundwater. That is a huge negative impact on the environment and should be avoided.

Suppose you love nail polishes, be sure to look for companies that make colourful products without using harmful chemicals. To be sure, check to ascertain that the Campaign recognises them for Safe Cosmetics. If you have some that have harmful chemicals, either give them to someone or send them to recycler so that they are used to make other things.

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