How To Dispose Of Quilts?

Mike Davies | Saturday, October 10, 2020

If you have a duvet or quilt that you need to get rid of, either because it's old or just because you have a newer one, there are many ways of getting rid/recycling of it.

Duvet/quilts are very large and will take up a lot of space in your storage or your bin.

Donate your quilt

Depending on the condition of your quilt/duvet you might be able to give it to someone you know, whether that's your family or friends there will always be someone who may appreciate it.

You can also donate your duvets to places such as animal shelters and homeless charities. They will always be happy to take a used duvet as they can use them within their animal shelter to keep their pets warm or for the homeless so they can keep warm at night.

It's always worth going to your local charity shop to see if they would want to take it. Some charity shops may not want to take it however due to the sheer space that a whole duvet takes up in their storage.

Dispose of duvets

When disposing of your duvet, make sure to check its contents, some duvets are made from different materials, some of which may be recyclable and some which are not.

A duvet made from feathers could be either reused or composted. Taking the feather filling out of the duvet and using it in things such as homemade pillows and cushions would be a great use.

In most cases, the feathers can also be composted. Make sure the feathers are taken out and put into the compost heap. These feathers will naturally biodegrade (please first check that these feathers are natural and not synthetic.)

donate a mattress

Can I throw a duvet in the bin?

Most duvets can't be recycled, if you need to throw out your duvet and there is no option of donating it to a charity or a friend/family you will have to dispose of it in the general waste.

When binning your duvet it's required that it is put out with the weekly bins contained in a clear plastic bag. This has to go out with the general waste as these are no able to be recycled.

When should you throw out a duvet?

Getting a new duvet all depends on how you look after your bedding and how long you have had it for. Many sources suggest changing duvet after 5 years of use. This can however also depend on if you are using mattress and pillow covers.

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