How To Dispose Of A Bed

Mike Davies | Sunday, December 13, 2020

If you are looking at throwing out your bed, don't just take it to the tip for it to go straight to landfill. We have listed several ways that you can dispose of your unwanted mattress in a more eco-friendly way.

Can you donate a mattress?

It's always a good idea to think about the environment before just throwing your waste into landfill. Try and ask family and friends if they need it. However, if they don't need it, there are many sites and platforms out there. These platforms will aid in the sale or donation of your items.

For example, Facebook marketplace and Gumtree will allow you to simply post your item for free and find someone that will need it. Not only is this far better for the environment than putting it in landfill, but it's also one of the easiest ways as you won't have to do anything offering a time for it to be picked up.

donate your mattress

How to recycle an old bed

There are some recycling companies in your local area that would be able to use and recycle your bed, however you will have to research these to try and find something that is applicable in your local town. These companies will take the bed apart and recycle each component individually

You can also take the bed to your local dump/tip. Make sure to call ahead so you can let them know you are coming and look for a recycling option. It's always best to keep waste out of landfill so if you can find a way to recycle it, go with it!

Can you donate a bed to charity?

As long as your bed is still in a usable healthy condition, charities would be happy to take it off your hands. With large items like this, you will want to call your local charity to make sure they can take them. In most cases, they will just want to set up a time to drop it off so they can be prepared to store it.

There are also many homeless shelters and charities that may need the bed. It's always worth having a look around your local area to make sure it's put to good use, and not just put in landfill.

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