How To Dispose Of Vape Batteries

Luna Aston | Friday, June 24, 2022

All vapes come with batteries. It is the essential part which provides the power to the vaporizer. The energy from the batteries heats the coil, turning the liquid into vapour for inhalation. They vary in size and wattage, but are almost all made with Lithium-ion batteries. Whether rechargeable or disposable you will need to make sure you discard of the battery safely.

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Are vape batteries safe?

When vape batteries are stored and used correctly they are absolutely safe. It is also vital you purchase your batteries from a reputable supplier; to ensure they comply with regulations. They will always be safe if you treat them properly. But Lithium-ion batteries do need to be handled with care in any scenario, as miss use can cause harm.

Correct storage of a Vape battery

Correct storage of a vape battery will enable you to get a longer and more effective use out of it. Lithium batteries are sensitive to heat. If it comes into contact with too much heat it could cause the battery to catch fire or even explode. Never leave it in direct sunlight or near an open flame. Cold temperatures, although not as dangerous, will make your battery less efficient. Knocks, scratches or dropping your battery can also cause a reaction or lead it to leak. The best way to store it is in a sealed container at room temperature; this will ensure the longevity of your battery.

Rechargeable vape batteries

Opting for a good quality rechargeable battery for your vape is a great idea. The most common rechargeable vape battery is the 18650. Rechargeable batteries are a more preferable option in terms of environmental impact. You can get a much longer usage out of them before needing to discard; ultimately creating a lot less waste.

rechargeable vape batteries

How long does a rechargeable vape battery last?

A good quality battery at optimal level should last you around 1-2 years. If you take good care of it when using, charging and storing, it could last a while longer.

How to dispose 18650 batteries?

When disposing of your 18650 or reusable battery, do so with care. Large batteries such as this contain more chemicals than your usual AA batteries; which can in turn cause more harm.

Remove your battery from your device and place it into a sealed container. This will stop it from getting any knocks or getting access to direct sunlight. You should then transport it to your local battery bank or recycling centre.

Disposable Vape Batteries

Disposable vapes use these types of batteries. They are intended for one use only; with no rechargeable capability. Single use vapes are very common for their ease of use. However are extremely bad for the environment and generate a lot of waste. With them being small sealed units it makes it tricky to be able to dispose of their batteries. Unfortunately a lot of people just tend to throw them in the bin in their entirety. But you should never throw a vape in the general waste bin, as it can be dangerous and bad for the environment.

disposable vape batteries

How long does a disposable vape pen battery last?

A disposable vape pen will usually last around a day. They are small and have a very short life span. It can also depend, as the liquid in the pen may run out before the battery does. But as these types of vapes are only intended for single use they do not have a capability to add more liquid. Ending the life of the device even before the battery is exhausted.

How to dispose of a disposable vape battery?

Disposable vape batteries need to be disposed of at a designated battery bank or recycling centre. However you will not be able to just recycle the device as a whole; the battery will need to be removed first. Annoyingly these disposable vapes can be very awkward to get into and retrieve the battery. Take extra care when prizing apart the unit and removing it. Then once the battery is free, take it to your nearest facility.


To conclude, always make sure you dispose of your vape batteries safely. Take them to a specialised battery recycling centre. And where you can choose reusable batteries. As they are more sustainable for the planet.

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