How To Dispose Of Old VCR Players

Luna Aston | Tuesday, July 19, 2022

There is something quite beautiful about reminiscing on using a VCR player to watch movies. Nothing hints at nostalgia more than holding down that VCR button to rewind the tape, watching the characters speedily dance around the screen in reverse.

VCR players are a thing of the past and are no longer being produced. Nevertheless VCRs are still embraced in households across the world. The total extinction of VCRs would be a travesty to society. But more seriously it is worth deeply considering ways your VCR lives on rather than just disposing of it.

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What to do with old VCR players

There are plenty of things you can do with a VCR player, before deciding to dispose of it. Here are some options of what you can do:

Hold onto it - You never know you might want to use it again one day. Particularly if you have old home movies. Re-watching old home movies is a beloved past time for many.

Donate it - This could either be to a charity or someone you know.

Sell it - With the fact that VCRs are no longer in production; it means the only way people can buy a VCR player is by purchasing one second hand.

Fix it - If your VCR no longer works, try getting it fixed first before disposing of it.

Recycle it - If disposal is you only option, make sure you do so responsibly, by recycling it.

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VCR recycling

Being an electrical product, recycling an old VCR player is relatively simple. Electrical waste, also known as E-waste, is a growing business. With more and more electrical products being produced; the demand for their ability to be recycled has also grown. There are now dedicated companies for E-waste. These companies will take your old electronics and sustainably recycle them. This may include fixing up and selling on products, breaking them down for parts, or sending them to a recycling centre for the materials to be formed into new products. This allows for electrical products, in this case VCRs, to become more sustainable.

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Where to recycle VCR players

There are several places to recycle your old VCR. And as long as you ensure it does not end up in landfill, you will be positively contributing to the planet.

  • Have it collect by or take it to an E-waste recycling service. You can find these online.
  • Take it to your local authorities recycling centre. They should have a section for electrical products.
  • Retailer recycling. Some companies take old electrical items, usually when you are purchasing a new one from them. You are unlikely going to be purchasing a new VCR player. But some companies may give you a voucher to use when purchasing any other electrical item from them.

In conclusion, always consider the best option for your old VCR player. If you decide you no longer have a use for it, find someone else that might. And a last resort sent it for an E-waste or recycling centre.

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