How To Dispose Of Monitors

Mike Davies | Wednesday, July 27, 2022

If you are looking to dispose of an old monitor, either because you have purchased a new one or have an old-style CRT monitor, we have you covered.

Computer and TV monitors contain hazardous and toxic components that are harmful to the environment. It is important to follow the correct procedures, to ensuring you are not adding to the already polluted environment. It is actually also illegal in many countries to not recycle or dispose of electronics responsibly.

There are various different types of monitors that you will want to be aware of. Determining the type you have will ensure you are disposing of your monitor in the best way possible.

The two main types of monitors are:

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) - These monitors are an older style with a large back, housing the components behind the viewing screen. These monitors actually contain a large amount of lead.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - These are flat panelled display screens and are the ones most commonly sold today. Donating your monitor

As we always stress at Ethical Shift, you should always reduce, reuse, recycle. So with that in mind, the first thing you should be looking to do with your monitor is give it a new home. Either donating it to a charity shop or someone in need, or try selling it.

Extending the life of electronic goods is always the best approach. There will always be someone in need for your old monitor.

Recycling your monitor

There are specialist firms in many different states and countries that will deal with recycling your monitor. E-waste companies will look to recycle as much of it as possible; ensuring that all of the metals and toxic components are put to use elsewhere. Similarly your local waste recycling centre will likely take your old monitor. However, do check with them first before traveling.

recycling your monitor

Sending your monitor to a manufacturer

Try contacting the manufacturer that you purchased the monitor from. They may have a recycling program setup; which allows you to send your monitor to them or a third party company for it to be recycled. This could also be the case when purchasing a new monitor. The store or brand you purchase from could offer a recycle program with a money saving incentive. It's worth shopping around various places to see which offers the best option for recycling and discounts.

Can you put monitors in the bin?

It's illegal in many countries to dispose of a monitor by putting it out in the trash. Electrical items, in particular monitors, legally need to be recycled due to their status as being hazardous waste. It is your responsibility to make sure you dispose of it correctly, to avoid any potential consequences. But as listed above, there are several options to choose from when looking to dispose of your unwanted monitor.

sending your monitor to a manufacturer

Overall when looking to dispose of a monitor you must make sure you are disposing of it correctly, as it will contain hazardous components. Make sure to identify the type of monitor you have and dispose of it accordingly. However, if you monitor is not broken and can still be used, make sure to pass it on to a new home instead of disposing of it to help the environment.

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