How to dispose of Juul Pods

Mike Davies | Sunday, December 6, 2020

Effective ways on how to dispose of Juul Pods

Many people shift from smoking to vaping due to the convenience of vaping and the health benefits that they get. The primary question, however, is how to dispose of the vape pods in an eco-friendly manner. Can you throw away Juul pods? There are different ways that you can dispose of your vaping pods, but not all of them are ideally right for the surrounding environment. E-liquids consumption is on the rise, and the wrongful disposal of the devices makes it a potential hazard to the environment. Let's explore some of the best ways to dispose of your Juul pods.

Recycling Juul Pods

Recycling items is the most effective way of dealing with most waste. Most vape pods manufacturing companies have indicated on the bottom of the pot on whether they recycle and where to drop off your waste for recycling. Some even offer to pay for the used vape pods. The manufacturer or an authorised recycling company takes the items and turns them into something new.

Disassembling Juul Pods

How long can you leave a pod in a Juul? Researchers give an average of 200 puffs. After this, you can disassemble it to get each component. You can know what element is plastic and differentiate from the metallic parts. In efforts to remove the excess liquid residue in your pods, you should rinse them off with some water. Put the different components in categories such as glass, plastics, metals and wash them until you completely remove the e-liquid. When this is done, you can now drop them off for recycling. The manufacturers may use them for producing more pods or dispose of them through the appropriate channels.

disposing of lithium batteries

The Lithium Batteries

Most of these devices have batteries for convenient operation. You can use them wherever you are without having to recharge now and then. Since used lithium batteries contain some hazardous chemicals, you should present them to our recycling centre. Additionally, the batteries can also be recycled by the manufacturer. As a vaping consumer, you can get several battery drop-off points, especially at the supermarket or your local recycling centre. Carry you are vape pods and leave them at these centres for correct disposal. These centres handle purchase from other devices such as cars and any electronic items with a finite lifespan.


Vaping is a great option. However, unlike the regular tobacco cigarettes that are made of paper tobacco and a filter, the pods contain different components and it is only right that you dispose them of in the right way to reduce the amount of waste choking Mother Earth. Everyone has to take care of the environment. By presenting your used vape pods to the designated recycling centres, you actively play your part in enhancing the eco-friendliness worldwide.

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