How To Dispose Of An Iron

Mike Davies | Saturday, January 23, 2021

Electrical Goods are usually just thrown out and a new product is purchased. Corded and cordless irons are a big offender and should either be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner or fixed/reused to increase their lifespan.

What to do with an old iron

Get your iron repaired

There are plenty of repair shops that will take your appliances in, in an attempt to fix them. Sometimes electrical appliances such as irons can stop working due to a simple fault. If this is the case your local repair shop should be able to fix the issue increasing the Irons lifespan.

In some cases, the appliance repair shop may also take the iron from you or even offer you some money for it as they will be able to either fix it or dismantle it for parts that they can reuse in other products.

How to descale an iron

Your Iron can also become clogged up and in need of Descaling. If this is the case you will want to descale your iron:

  • Empty the water from your iron.
  • Mix one part vinegar and two parts water and put this into your iron.
  • With the iron turned off, hold it with the heat plate down over the sink or a bowl to drain the mixture through the iron.
  • Fill the iron again with water to ensure the vinegar is fully rinsed from the iron.

Recycling an iron

Contacting the manufacturer or place you purchased from, can be a great opportunity to recycle the iron. Some places offer a recycling scheme that allows you to send them your product for disposal. Some companies will reuse these parts or they will just dispose of them properly.

In some instances, companies will also give a discount on newer products if you are looking to get another iron from the same place. This can be a great win-win for both the environment and you.

Disposing of an iron

If you are looking to get rid of your iron try contacting your local waste management department. They will advise you on how to dispose of the iron correctly; as some dumps/tips will not accept electrical goods. As you are not able to throw the iron straight in the trash, make sure to find a reputable place to recycle it.

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