How To Dispose Of A Toaster

Luna Aston | Thursday, June 30, 2022

The toaster, that little machine which turns bread crispy, is a staple among most households. Usually pretty reliable and lasts a good few years. But when that fateful day arrives and it's time to say good bye to your beloved toaster where should it go?

When you think of house hold appliances your mind might first go to big items like a fridge or washing machine. People generally have to take more care when disposing of these items because they are big, heavy and not easy to discard. But when it comes to smaller appliances like kettles, irons or in this case toasters, people can become lazy. Millions of small appliances just get chucked into landfill across the world every year. So how can we sustainably dispose of our toasters?

Can you throw a toaster in the trash?

When disposing of a toaster, never just throw it straight into your general waste bin. Being a small item it may be tempting to just pop it with the rest of your rubbish. But in some places this may leave you with a fine. Almost all electrical items can be recycled. So please always be responsible with your electrical waste and dispose of it correctly.

can you throw a toaster in the trash

Are Toasters Recyclable?

Yes absolutely, in more ways than one. Recycling something doesn't have to mean, stripping it apart, melting the bits down and making something new. It can simply be passing it on to someone else. You can recycle your old toaster by giving it a new home. If your toaster still works and is in good condition, give it to someone in need of one, donate it to charity or sell it online.

How to recycle a toaster

If your toaster no longer browns your bread; it's time to recycle it into something new.

If you want to make sure your toaster is fully recycled, you could break it down yourself. Get your screw driver out to dismantle and separate the parts. These parts can then be taken to their respective material areas at your local recycling centre.

Alternatively you can take the toaster as is to a cycling centre. They should have a designated area for electrical items. Or take it to a specific E-waste recycling centre; some also do collections.

Ultimately when it comes to disposing of your old toaster, do not just throw it in the bin. Make sure to recycle it correctly with other E-waste items at your local recycling centre.

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