How To Dispose Of A Standing Fan

Luna Aston | Thursday, June 16, 2022

There are multiple ways to dispose of your unwanted fan. First, you should take into consideration the condition of the fan. Is the fan still usable, or is it broken?

What do you do with old electric fans?

A fan that is just old and unwanted but is still in usable condition can have a second home.

You could donate it to your local charity shop. Or maybe you have a local charity that helps struggling families. In the hotter months, some families may not be able to afford even a simple fan to keep cool. Therefore offering up your unwanted fan would be very gratefully received.

Advertising on sites such as Facebook and Gumtree is also a great option. You could offer it up as a free item for someone to come and collect. Or if it is still in good condition, charge a little for it and make some money.

If you are looking to buy a new fan, the retailer you purchase from may offer a take-back scheme or collection service. But do check with the retailer as there may be a charge for this.

what do you do with old electric fans

What do you do with a broken fan?

If your fan is broken and no longer usable, you have a few options:

  • Get it fixed - Holing on to your fan will always be the most environmentally friendly thing to do. Try and get more use out of it if you can. Take it to a repair shop to see if fixing it is possible. Or even try fixing it yourself. Youtube usually has some great tutorials to help budding DIYers.
  • Brake it down for parts - Could any of the parts be useful elsewhere? You may be able to use things like the motor or plug for other items.
  • Recycle it - This is always the best option when none of the other options apply.

Can I put a broken fan in the bin?

Electrical items should not be discarded in your general waste bin. They contain various materials that when broken down, can be reused.

Take it to your local recycling centre. Recycling your broken items is a much better way of ensuring less impact on the environment.

can i put a broken fan in the bin

In conclusion, trying to find a second use for your fan will always be the best option. Whether it be by yourself or someone else. But if your fan is no longer up to standard. Make sure you are disposing of it in the best way possible. Do not just toss it into the rubbish. Make sure you take it to a recycling centre so the part may be used for something new.

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