How To Dispose Of A Satellite Dish

Mike Davies | Sunday, July 10, 2022

Streaming and paid subscriptions are starting to takeover in the average consumer household. This is causing satellite TV to become obsolete and many people are looking to dispose of their satellite dishes.

Depending on your capabilities and who installed the satellite dish you may need to contact them, as they possibly are the only ones that can remove it. You could then see if they provide any recycling services.

Can satellite dishes be recycled

As satellite dishes are mainly main from plastic and metal, in most countries you are required to recycle it. You may need to contact your local recycle centre to ensure they accept satellite dishes first. However, in most cases they will.

If you wish to recycle the satellite dish yourself, you will need to take it apart and section out the materials. There are 3 main components plastic, mental and the circuit boards. You can then recycle the plastics at your local recycle centre and either sell or donate the metal to a local scrap yard. The circuit boards are a little different as some places will not class them as hazardous waste and will tell you to throw them out in the normal rubbish. However, this should be avoided and you should try and find a place that recycles them.

Where to recycle satellite dish

Depending on where you got your satellite dish from, you may want to contact the brand or company that installed the dish to see if they have any recycling scheme. The company will recycle your dish in an attempt to reuse parts in new models.

You can also contract any local electron repair centre to see if they are willing to take it for spare parts. All of these options may not lead to a perfect reduction of waste. However, providing the ability to reuse a large portion of waste is a much better option than throwing it into landfill.

upcycling a satellite dish

Upcycling a Satellite Dish

There are many fun ways to upcycle a satellite dish, if you are more into upcycling rather than recycling, just have fun and get arty with the countless ways you can upcycle your dish.

You could use the satellite dish as the base of a mini pond in your garden. There are plenty of tutorial videos out there for how you can get this to work. You could even use it as a sundial or water feature, which would be a lovely asset to your garden.

Whatever approach you decided to take when upcycling your satellite dish, just have fun with it. And know that you are helping the planet become more sustainable by not adding it to landfill.

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