How To Dispose Of A Kettle

Mike Davies | Sunday, January 24, 2021

Kettles and other electrical goods are filling up our landfills after being thrown out due to minor issues. To help lower the number of unnecessary appliances that are in landfill, it's always a good idea to find other ways to either fix or properly dispose of kettles and other appliances. This can increase the lifespan of these products to help keep them in circulation and lower the production and waste created.

What to do with an old kettle

Get your kettle repaired

Depending on the condition of your kettle, you may be able to take it to your local appliance repair shop. These people will in most instances be able to fix minor issues for a low fee. This will increase the life span of your kettle and help to keep it out of landfill.

If your kettle is unrepairable some repair shops may even buy the kettle from you for a very discounted price so they can dismantle it for parts.

Kettle recycling

You can contact the place you purchased your kettle is a great place to start. Retailers have to offer a recycle option to their customers. This may however come with a charge. Some retailers could even offer a slight discount if you purchase your next kettle through them.

Most well-known manufacturers will either provide you with recycling tips, or they will have their recycling plan. It's always best to go down this route as the kettle will be disposed of correctly and you may even get a discount on a future kettle.

Get rid of a kettle locally

Getting rid of your kettle rather than finding it a new home will require you to find a responsible recycling option. Check with your local recycling center to see if they take electrical goods. This is a must, as you can not throw your old kettle in the trash.

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