How To Dispose Of A Freezer

Luna Aston | Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Freezers do a great job of prolonging the life of our food and keeping our ice creams cold. They come in different forms, stand alone, chest, integrated and combi fridge freezers. But when the time comes to get rid of whatever style freezer you have; it's essential you do so responsibly.

If you are looking to dispose of a refrigerator or mini fridge, similar rules can be applied.

What can you do with an old freezer?

Determine whether your old freezer is still fit for purpose. Decide if you want to get rid of it or if it is worth keeping.

If your freezer is broken try getting it fixed before going out to buy a new one. It may be a simple issue like the door seal no longer connecting properly, or a part needs replacing. Fixing small faults could end up saving you a lot of money on a new freezer.

If your freezer no longer suits the needs of your household and you are just looking for an upgrade. Why no consider giving it a new home. If your freezer is still fully functional and in good condition; there will be plenty of people willing to take it off your hands.

Getting rid of a freezer that still works

Here are some options of what to do with a freezer you no longer want, but still works:

  • Donate it to charity. If you freezer is in good fully working condition you can donate it to some charities. Check with them first, as they may have a service that can come and collect it from you.
  • Offer it to someone you know. You may have a friend or family member that could have a use for it.
  • Put it for sale online. Use sites like Gumtree, Craigslist or Facebook Market place to advertise your old freezer. Either for free or for a little money to put towards a new one.
  • Sell to a second had dealer.
  • Give to local family charities. A lot of people are struggling at the moment. Finding the money to purchase a new freezer may be out of reach for some. Check if you have a local charity that can put you in touch with someone that may be in need.

what to do with a broken freezer

What to do with a broken freezer

If your freezer is no longer working and unable to be fixed; it may be time to dispose of it. You will need to make sure you do so legitimately. Freezers contain chemicals that harm the environment. Legally these must be disposed of correctly. You can either take them to a designated facility or have them collected by an authorised company. Most places will charge a small fee for freezer disposal.

Here are some options:

  • Have it collected buy your local authority.
  • Take it to your local recycling or hazardous waste centre.
  • Contact a legitimate recycling or E-waste company.
  • See if the company providing your new freezer offers removal of the old one.

Freezer Recycling

Your freezer, although containing harmful chemicals, can be fully recycled if done so correctly. The chemical refrigerants can be extracted, purified then reused. And the remaining plastic and metals can be recycled. For more information on refrigerants and the recycling process check out 'How to dispose of a refrigerator'

Do I need to defrost my freezer before recycling?

Yes, you will need to defrost your freezer before removal to be recycled. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the full process of removing any contents, defrosting, and drying up any water from your freezer. Do this the day before removal. Allowing 24 hours will give you plenty of time to get the job done properly.

Depending on the quality and age of your freezer it could take between 5 to 10 hours. Newer models have special integrated setting that allow for defrost and these are generally quicker, check your instruction manual. But if you have an older model; it may just be a case of turning it off and letting the ice melt. If you need to speed up the process you can use a standing fan to push the warmer air from the room into the freezer to help the ice melt faster.

When moving and transporting a freezer you must always keep it upright to avoid any mixing or spilling of the chemical refrigerants.

do i need to defrost my freezer before recycling


Ultimately, disposing of a freezer takes time and planning. Make time to defrost your freezer ready for removal. And make sure the place it's going to, either a new home or the recycling centre, is done so with care. Correct disposal of a freezer is compulsory, so make sure to do so responsibly.

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