How To Dispose Of A Dishwasher

Mike Davies | Thursday, July 7, 2022

Dishwashers, like any household appliance, will need replacing at some point. Whether that's to upgrade to a more efficient one or because your current one is running into problems.

As with most environmentally friendly ways of dealing with current household accessories, if you can fix it, that should always be the first port of call. If you find your dishwasher no longer operates correctly; call a professional to take a look at it and see if it's repairable.

If there is no hope for your old dishwasher or you just want to upgrade to a newer model. You will have to figure out how to dispose of your dishwasher, ready for the new one to be put in its place. Don't worry, we have you covered. There are multiple options for you choose from, which are also sustainable.

How to recycle a dishwasher

There are plenty of recycling centres around, which will happily take household appliances off of your hands. Just do a simple Google search for your nearest recycling centre. Most recycling centres will accept all large appliances. However, it would be worth checking before you go to ensure they do accept dishwashers.

The process of recycling a dishwasher starts by it being taken apart; these materials are then sorted. The parts can then either be reused or melted down to produce new parts. Your old dishwasher could end up being made into a brand new one.

Braking down old electrical items isn't always the most eco-friendly way, as some parts can end up in landfills. If possible, attempt to look for an alternative where the dishwasher can be reused and have its life extended. This lowers the need for new appliances to be made on mass, which leads to a reduction in waste.

how to recycle a dishwasher

Send your dishwasher to a retailer

In some cases, the retailer or brand that sold you the dishwasher originally may have a recycling option. If you decide to buy a new dishwasher through them they will take away your old one. As part of this trade-in, they may offer you get a discount off your new dishwasher. They do this to comply with governing body standards on waste. They also potentially reuse parts from your old dishwasher to produce new ones.

These trade-ins will result in a reduction of waste, but much like the above recycling option, there will still be some waste going to landfills.

Sell your dishwasher

If your dishwasher is still functional, the best option is to sell it. Giving it a new home will completely eliminate waste. There are many different places where old appliances can be listed for sale such as:

  • Facebook marketplace
  • Gumtree
  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Multiple local resale websites

Selling your dishwasher also provides you with some cash that you can put towards your new one.

sell your dishwasher

Donate your dishwasher to a charity

Some charities will accept large appliances such as dishwashers. It will need to be in good working condition, clean with no faults. And although you won't get any money for your old dishwasher; you will know that's it doing some good. Not only for the charity, but in its new home and for the planet.

How to throw away a dishwasher

You should never just 'throw away a dishwasher' in your general rubbish; the obvious reason being for the wellness of the plant. Not only that, some places have made it illegal to not dispose of you electrical items responsibly.

Ultimately when disposing of a dishwasher you should make sure you do so sustainably. First look at giving it a new home or repairing it. And then as a last resort find a place for it to be recycled.

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