How To Dispose Of Chemical Waste

Mike Davies | Sunday, December 20, 2020

Chemical waste can be hard to dispose of however you will have to follow certain rules. In most countries and states it is considered a crime to dispose of chemical waste in the regular rubbish or down the drain.

Most chemicals are regulated and need to be disposed of correctly to avoid causing negative environmental effects. For example Copper in some states is regulated and will need to be collected as it can be highly toxic to aquatic animals.

Storing Chemicals

When storing chemicals, to make disposal easier and more efficient it is best to store these chemicals in separate containers either glass or plastic. Ensure to keep these chemicals in the correct container as some chemicals will react differently with the composition of it's container.

You will want to label each container that you are wanting to dispose of with the following information:

  • A label claiming "Hazardous Waste"
  • Full chemical name.
  • Date of waste generation.
  • Place of origin - This will be the location and/or department.
  • Name - This will be needed in case questions are needed.
  • Bottle number - If you have multiple bottles you will want to number them in order of creation.

You will also want to fill out a form for your local chemical waste facility. It's best to contact your local governing body. This will help you get a better understanding of what and who to contact next.

Always remember to dispose of chemicals responsibly as they can have a devastating impact on local wildlife and also to neibouring humans. If you have any doubt about what to do with your waste, you should always contact your local government to ensure you are dealing with it responsibly.

storing chemicals

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