How To Dispose Of Bleach

Luna Aston | Friday, June 17, 2022

Bleach can be used for many things and is very common in most households. It can be used for Cleaning, brightening clothes and altering hair colour. And with its many uses, it therefore, comes in many forms.

The two main types of bleach are chlorine and oxygen. Both are strong, highly reactive chemicals and should be disposed of responsibly.

Before discarding your unwanted bleach why not see if can have a use. The best way to get rid of something is by using it for its intended purpose first. If you personally don't have any use for it maybe someone else does. Ask a friend, neighbour or family member if they may have a need for it first.

Can I pour bleach down the toilet?

In short yes you can. As long as the bleach is diluted with plenty of water, it is safe to flush down the toilet. Small amounts with multiple flushes will ensure the bleach is well enough diluted to not cause any issues.

can i pour bleach down the toilet

Should you put bleach down the sink?

Similarly to pouring bleach down the toilet, thoroughly diluting it is necessary first. It is not advisable to pour pure bleach down your sink. It may cause damage to your pile work. You should add water to a ratio of at least 50:50 before putting it down the drain. And then run the tap for at least 10 seconds after to make sure it has been rinsed down.

Can I dump bleach on the ground?

It is never recommended to put bleach on the ground due to its high pH levels. This will disrupt the soil's microbiome. However, if the bleach has been spilt or is already on the ground. Make sure to use plenty of water to dilute it.

can i dump bleach on the ground

What can you do with old bleach bottles?

Once you have discarded or used up the bleach. You should make it safe for disposal. Give it a good rinse out with plenty of water. Fill it with water, replace the lid and give it a good shake. Then empty out the container. You can do this a couple of times to ensure it is fully clean.

Can you put bleach bottle in recycling?

Yes, once your bleach container is clean you can go ahead and put it in the recycling.

To be more environmentally friendly, steer away from using bleach altogether. There are plenty of other effective natural alternatives which can produce equal results.

can you put bleach bottle in recycling

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