How To Dispose Of Water Filters

Luna Aston | Monday, July 18, 2022

More and more people are learning the benefits of filtered water. Tap water can pick up all sorts of minerals, not always good ones, while running through your pipes. Water filters do a great job of sifting those out. And the benefits of drinking filtered water over bottled water is huge. It is not only better for you, but also to the environment.

However, with this increase in water filter users, comes the need to find a sustainable way to dispose of the used filter cartridges. Prompting the question how do I dispose of water filters?

Can you put water filters in a recycle bin?

You are not able to put water filters in a normal recycling bin. This may seem strange as they do appear to be made of plastic. However, they contain other components and materials that would contaminate the recycling process.

If you are using a water filter that doesn't offer to recycle their water filters. It is best recommended to find a company/brand that has responsible recycling schemes set up to help reduce overall waste.

water filter recycling

Water Filter Recycling

In the case of some large filter companies, they already have solutions to recycle your used water filters. If you are looking to purchase a water filter it would be advised to go for a brand that has responsible recycling.

BRITA offer a recycling scheme that allows their users to recycle their used cartridges. They have hundreds of collection points that you can drop them off at. Simply just search for BRITA water filter recycling and you will find your closest collection point.

The company Terracycle allow you to recycle water filters at designated sights. Even better the filter brand Aqua Optima has partnered with Terracycle to offer free collections for your used water filters.

water filters in a recycle bin

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