How To Dispose Of An Old Sofa

Mike Davies | Saturday, December 12, 2020

Whether you are looking to get rid of a sofa because you no longer need it or to make space for your brand spanking new one, you always need to think about disposal and the best way to get rid of it.

With the environment in the way it is today, it's always a good idea to understand where your rubbish is going and trying to find the best, most eco-friendly solution. So before you run out and throw your sofa in landfill, have a look through our alternative options to do your bit and help save the planet.

Can I donate an old sofa?

Rather than taking your sofa to the dump, why not try and find someone that may need it. Family and friends would be a good start, if they do not need a sofa you can try many different websites that will list it for free to either sell to someone nearby or to donate for free. You can use either of the two options listed below or many other different platforms.

Doing this will lower the amount of rubbish going into landfills as well as helping someone out.

Charity Collection

Charities will also take your furniture and in some cases, they will also pick it up for no fee. If you are looking to throw away your sofa, why not donate it to charity and give it to someone that needs it. Look for a charity near you and find out if they will collect the sofa. Most charities do this for free and will work around your time.

donate your old sofa

How to recycle an old sofa

The environment is on a downward spiral so we must do all we can to reduce the waste that we create and just throw it into landfill. It's time we start to recycle what we can. Many removal companies out there will take furniture such as sofas to either recycle them or break them down to reuse their materials. This is a very easy and simple way of reducing waste, all it takes is a search in your local area to find a solution for you.

recycle your old sofa

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